Headshots & Studio

If you an Actor, Actress, Musician, Singer, Dancer, Performer or TV Presenter and need professional headshot for casting or to use online or to email.



The Photoshoot Process

1You can bring for your session 3 to 4 tops with different neck lines e.g. collared shirt/blouse, V neck pullover, T- shirt, vest top, Jacket( Leather/Denim ) or Smart Jackets. For full length; Jeans, mini dress, trousers and accessories ( belt , jewellery ).Hair or Make Up available on request ( charge of £45 ). Please use above information as a references. .

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          • Standard headshot session include



Pre-shot consultation, 1 hour photo session, copies of all images taken uploaded  on the website gallery, 2 free retouched hi-res pictures, Choice of Black & White or Color prints, discount on additional 10’x8’ pictures ( £6 per picture choice of Gloss or Lustre* ), Studio or Outdoors. £70

          • Studio session include



Pre-shot consultation, 1.5-2 hours photo session, 6 free retouched hi-res pictures and printed on 10’ x 8’ paper( Gloss or Lustre* ) free CD with copies of chosen pictures and copies all images taken ( web resolution ), free postage to home address, Hair or Make Up available on request ( charge of £45 ), 2- 3 changes of clothes, your choice of Black & White or Color. Hair and  Make- up consultation available  on request (  additional price of £45 ). £135 

          • Creative Studio session



Combination of previous two  , Up to 4-5 hour session, 10 free retouched hi-res pictures printed on 10’ x 8’ paper( Gloss/Lustre* ), MUA on request, Free CD posted to home address. First option:  Choice  of two different backgrounds ( grey, white, black ). Second option: Studio session (one backdrop)  and outdoors session ( using natural light ) free CD with copies of all images taken ( web resolution), free postage to home address. £200

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