Cosmetics and Products


The purpose of a packshot is to let people know why they should buy a product, to let them know what they’re missing out on. In order to do that, the images have to be flawless. Packshots are often used in TV commercials alongside an audio track that gives an audio commentary of the images shown. They can also be used for posters, presentations and many other settings; many well-created packshots have gone viral – you can imagine the impact it had on sales.



Much like Ecommerce photography, packshots can really have an effect on sales, both positive and negative. A great packshot can trigger excitement and get people talking about a product, occasionally early packshots are released to get people trying to guess what a future product might be like – Apple packshots appear a lot. A bad packshot can do exactly the same, but the outcome isn’t quite so positive.

Bokeh*Pictures work hand in hand with our customers to get a clear view of the brands identity and the desired outcome, in order to produce a tailor made photography solution that meets every expectation.